Schedule Meetings Across Time Zones Without a Hassle

Are you stuck in time zone vertigo trying to schedule meetings in other time zones? Learn how to make the process quick and efficient using Hera calendar.

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Hera's cross-time zone scheduling features

It is undeniable that the pandemic has created a new standard of work. Companies are now more global than ever, and their work is distributed, remote, and hybrid.

As much as the pandemic forced the workforce to become experts of video conferencing platforms and project management tools, it has also introduced one big confusion – time zones.

Top it up with daylight savings and teams across continents, and you find yourself Googling “what is the time now in New York”.

As experts in productivity and time management, team Hera has put together a guide to help you schedule meetings across time zones efficiently, so you can avoid time zone vertigo and spend more time on things that matter to your business.

This guide covers:

First, let’s look at how to schedule meetings in the busy agendas of your clients.

🤝 How to schedule meetings with clients in other time zones

Let’s chat! When are you available? It is the question that, if not properly answered, can lead to endless back and forth emails. How do you compose a response that effectively answers the question?

Tip #1 - Provide time availability options according to the client's location

If you are absolutely certain where your client is located, send them a few availability options that are in their time zone. This way, you are doing the thinking for them. Make sure you mention that the provided options are in their time zone and include what time zone you are in just in case.

Tip #2 - Suggest time options at various times of day

If you are uncertain of the client's location, suggest multiple options throughout the day. Let them know the options are in your, and not their, time zone. This way, no matter where they are in the world, at least one of those options will work for their agenda.

Tip #3 - Give time zones their location names

Time zones have multiple formatting options which can be confusing. So, instead of saying UTC+1, JST and PDT, say London / UTC+1, Tokyo / JST, and Los Angeles / PDT. By including the major city name next to the code, it is easier to orient oneself.

Let’s go back to that question – When are you available? Your response could look something like this:

email example, schedule meetings in other time zones, booking link
Example of how to schedule meetings efficiently

Now, let’s look at the nuances of how to schedule meetings within teams.

🌏 How to schedule meetings within remote, distributed, and hybrid teams

Being on a team spread out across locations raises extra challenges. It can mean juggling more than two time zones and fitting around many busy agendas. And all the while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. What can you do to prevent time zone vertigo?

Tip #1 - Set your working hours

Others will only respect your time if you respect yours. Make sure your shared calendar reflects when you are working, out of the office, and on holiday.

Tip #2 - Respect the working hours of others

Always check what the team member is committed to before sending them the invite.

Tip #3 -Schedule recurring meetings on a rotating basis

If the team is all over the world, a meeting outside regular working hours might be inevitable. Change up the time of those meetings so no team member is at a constant disadvantage.

We at Hera have experienced these time zone gymnastics first hand. That is why we are developing a calendar tool to help resolve them.

📅 Why use Hera calendar to schedule meetings across time zones

In Hera, you can:

#1 - Display up to 3 time zones in your weekly view

This is one of our most recent features which has already received a lot of user love.

display multiple time zones in your calendar tool
See up to 3 time zones in your weekly view

Forget switching tools to create booking links. Hera supports multi-use and single-use booking links. You can create them right there in your calendar.

calendar tool, weekly view, sharing availability, booking link
Share your availability straight from your calendar

#3 - Share your availability in any time zone

You can easily choose which time zone you want the availability to appear in, whether your own or your client’s.

changing time zones, calendar tool, agenda
Let Hera do the time zone math for you

#4 - Copy and paste an auto-generated message

Hera generates a message which includes all the details to efficiently book a meeting, as well as a direct booking link.

easy way to schedule meetings in other time zones, email example, automation
An auto-generated message ready to go

#5 - See placeholders in your calendar for the availabilities you shared

Don’t get double-booked ever again. Once you create a booking link, placeholders appear in your calendar automatically. They disappear once the booking link has been used.

agenda, placeholder meeting, calendar tool
Placeholders in your calendar state penciled-in meetings

That’s not all!

The recipient of your booking link can:

#1 - Overlay their agenda

Forget switching between tabs to schedule meetings. Hera supports overlaying calendars to see the best match.

calendar tool, overlay calendar, booking link
The recipient can connect their calendar to find the best match

#2 - Change their time zone

By default, the recipient will see the suggested meeting options in their own time zone. If for any reason they want to change it, they can.

changing time zones, agenda, schedule meeting, calendar tool
The recipient of your booking link can easily switch time zones

Hera calendar is packed with features that support the needs of everyone who has experienced time zone vertigo.

The world of work is changing, whether you are at a distributed company, a hybrid workplace, or a solo entrepreneur traveling the world. This change is bringing more opportunities than ever, and coordinating agendas is the last thing you want to spend your time on.

By using these few simple techniques, you will remove the hassle of scheduling meetings across time zones and reclaim the headspace you need to get the important things done.

If you are looking for a tool to do the work for you and automate how you schedule meetings, why not try our calendar Hera. We are constantly building new features and supporting people just like you.

Thanks for reading! 👋

Team Hera