Community Talks #3 - Maxime Pieri (Hive)

Who can talk better about Hera than our users themselves ? Check out in this community talks series how they use Hera and what they like in the community !

Community Talks #3 - Maxime Pieri (Hive)

Maxime Pieri is Senior Account Manager at Hive, a solution to manage your e-commerce brand. He has been using Hera since February 2022, and been elected Hera user of the week after only 37 days on Hera!

What is Hera killer feature ?

The "join" notification to remind me of upcoming events is a life saver. You can join your video call with one click, and there's even a countdown so you're never late!

Can you share with us your secret productivity tip?

I take time to create event templates in Hera. I've checked what are my most needed and often-used events and created event templates (sport, lunch, one-one...). Today I plan all my daily - even weekly - activities in less than a minute!

What’s the biggest value you get from being part of Hera community ?

Feeling connected to the product, the founders and seeing that feedback can be prioritized or put on the roadmap.

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