Community Talks #4 - Firmin Zocchetto (Payfit founder)

Community Talks #4 - Firmin Zocchetto (Payfit founder)

Firmin Zocchetto is Payfit founder, a French payroll and HR software. He is one of the very first users of Hera and he has opened more than 3500 events on Hera so far!

What is Hera killer feature ?

The notes scratchpad next to events! Every time I attend a meeting I have the right context, the right topics to talk about and a list of ideas I don't want to forget.

Can you share with us your secret productivity tip?

Whenever a new idea strikes me I add it as a note tot he right event so I can later use it with the right context.

What’s the biggest value you get from being part of Hera community ?

By being part of Hera community, I can influence future features with my inputs or discover new usages I hadn't thought about.

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