Changelog - January 2022

Changelog - January 2022
Hera Calendar

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Back and forth emails to find the right slot to meet with someone are painful. To solve this, we’ve created multi-use booking links. Hera users can craft a link from Hera that they can share with anyone, as many times as they want with their availabilities ⚡️

What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

You simply select your regular availabilities directly in your calendar by selecting ranges that will apply to each week - and I swear, selecting slots like this just feels good.

🎨You can pick a colour that will be used for all events created from this link

👩🏼‍🦱 People can customize their booking page to reflect who they are!

Booking page profile

What are the next steps for this feature?

This feature is going to be even more important as we enable collaborative workflows. For instance, when a colleague tries to schedule a meeting with you, Hera will suggest to directly use your multi-use link instead, without leaving the app.

Activities to help users plan & protect their days

We're all putting more and more stuff into our calendars: todos, sport, doctor, focus time, etc. We wanted to make these events feel "special" on Hera. So we created what we call Activities, which are super lightweight events, with no attendees nor video conf link - just a title, a duration, a colour and the usual place to take notes.

They also look different in your calendar 🎨

What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

Obviously the ability to drag and drop an activity directly in your weekly view 🙌

We also love that these activities can have specific colours that set them apart in the calendar!

What are the next steps for this feature?

Activities will be critical to Hera’s vision. We’ll use your activities to help you protect your priorities & time

  • If you schedule something with someone with a “Remote” activity that day, we’ll automatically include a video conf link
  • Automatic Slack status, if you want, based on your activities to raise visibility on your work in your team
  • We want to implement activity-based objectives (like I want to do 3hr of this activity every week) and help you reach those objectives!

Other improvements

Fridays are dedicated to small improvements in the product - Beta Friday 🎉 - that make users' life easier.

A few of them include:

  • 🏃 Being able to send an "I'm late" message to your attendees from Hera notification to warn them that you're running a few minutes lates
  • 🕵️ Set up an event as free/busy and public/private
  • 🙈 Hide declined events from your calendar

Pssss 🤫 we're launching in a few days on Product Hunt...!

This is the end of this issue, see you next month! 👋