Changelog - November 2021

Changelog - November 2021
Hera Calendar

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Availabilities that attendee can confirm

Sharing availabilities is a great step towards helping people protect their time, which is a pillar of Hera vision. It should remain as lightweight and personalised as possible.

This is what we had in mind for this new feature. Users can select slots where they’re available and send them over email. The attendee can confirm the best time for them using a booking link included in the message.

What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

❌ No more double bookings, thanks to the placeholder events created by Hera before a slot is confirmed.

The booking link can be customized to be user friendly

What are the next steps for this feature?

We hope to extend this feature with templates for our users’ most frequent kind of meetings.
We are also very excited by the potential of a multiplayer experience: finding availabilities between Hera users.

Special thanks to Pierre Marie, Benoit, Laura, Valentin, Thomas and Pierre for testing the feature very early on before shipping to all users 🙏

A new and fresh calendars list

People have more and more calendars, mixing personal and professional stuff — We believe Hera should support and embrace this diversity.

Each user in Hera now has 2 kind of calendars: Primary Calendars (users' main calendars) and Important Calendars (calendars users always want to have at hand, to hide/display in one click).

What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

These are the only calendars always visible in Hera, making the overall view less cluttered and overwhelming.

Users can change the colour of their calendars 🎨 For instance, they can choose Hera colour 🙄

What are the next steps for this feature?

This rework is paving the way for multi-account support, which will be done in December 2021.

It is also a first step toward making your calendar actionable depending on which account you're looking at.

Other Improvements

Fridays are dedicated to small improvements in the product - Beta Friday 🎉 - that make users' life easier.

A few of them include:

  • Overall better performance across the entire app, more specifically on the weekly view — everything should be snappier ⚡️
  • Automatic Zoom links in meetings 🔗
  • Swipe with  trackpad to change weeks

This is the end of this issue, see you next month! 👋

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