Changelog - March 2022

Hera Changelog - March 2022

Changelog - March 2022
Hera notification system

Issue #5

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πŸ†• Timezones

A lot of us work within distributed teams, around the world. Hera now provides a world-class support for timezones!

  • ⏰ Users just hit β€œDisplay timezone” in their command palette to add additional timezones to their weekly view!
Displaying a new timezone on Hera
What makes us & users πŸ’œ this feature?

🀯 No more gymnastic when scheduling a meeting with someone at the other extremity of the globe

πŸ”Ž We can search by city, timezone name, but also alternative names (CET, PST...)

⚑The delightful timezone search engine built in house is also available for Hera users when they share their availabilities

What are the next steps for this feature?

Our primary objective as a company is to help people protect their time. On top of timezones, we want users to be able to define their working hours. They will be used to prevent other people from booking events at these times and redirect them to a better suited slot.

πŸ†• A new kind of notifications people love to get

Notifications can be frustrating and distracting. We get that, and we've reworked Hera notifications to make them delightful πŸ‘Œ


  • πŸ’€ Users can snooze them to pop up back 5min later
  • πŸ‘‰ No more than a swipe to dismiss
  • 🌐 ⌘+J from anywhere on the Mac to join the event
Hera notifications

Oh, and the menu bar app is also supercharged πŸ”‹ Users can see and join their next events for the day from there!

Hera menu bar app
What makes us & users πŸ’œ this feature?

βœ… There is absolutely no quicker way to join a meeting. It works, and it saves time.

βœ… These notifications are not agressive - you'll like getting them.

Other improvements

Fridays are dedicated to small improvements in the product - Beta Friday πŸŽ‰ - that make users' life easier.

A few of them this month include:

🌍 Hera users are more and more global - we embrace this diversity! People can now change the start of the week to Sunday.

πŸ†• The Dock Icon of Hera is new AND displays the number of unread messages in the Inbox

πŸ“†When Hera users share a booking link, their attendees can now overlay their calendar to see what's the best slot for them - a win/win experience 🀝

If you have any question/feedback, reach out to [email protected]
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