Changelog - December 2021

Changelog - December 2021
Happy New Year from Hera team!

Issue #2

Support for multiple Google accounts

People have more and more calendars to look at. We believe this is explained by a few reasons - the fact that a lot of people don't want to have a full time job and prefer to work as a freelancer for multiple clients, hence having multiple calendars to manage - but also personal calendars taking more and more importance in the remote world.

This is why enabling users to add multiple accounts within Hera was a priority for us.

Adding a new Google Account from Hera

What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

❌ No more switching between different calendars, we can enjoy a unified view of our priorities!

What are the next steps for this feature?

Now that we're able to display multiple calendars in a unified view, it paves the way towards making the calendar more actionable: being able to duplicate an event from the personal to the work calendar for your colleagues to know you're not available, add a notion of "priority" for some events to be more visible to you than others...We're cooking some great stuff for the next months 🧑‍🍳

Rework of the weekly view

We spend our days in our calendars - the least we can do is to make it enjoyable to look at 🌈

We spent some time rethinking the UI of events and we also added a banner at the top of Hera to always know what the next meeting is. And you can join it with ⌘+J of course!

The Weekly View in Hera

What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

No matter where you are in the app, you always know what's coming next and you can join in one shortcut ⚡️
What we personally love is playing around with calendar colours to find the best match 💜

What are the next steps for this feature?

Always make sure we don't add complexity to this page and keep it as minimalist as possible 👌

Hera Command Palette

The command control to help our users become power users ⚡️

Hera Command Palette

What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

One shortcut rules them all. Hit ⌘+K and Hera command palette will pop up.
It reminds users the actions they can take on Hera and the shortcut associated, helping them achieve more in less time.

What are the next steps for this feature?

The Command Palette will naturally be augmented along the way with the new features built in Hera 🤗

Other improvements

Fridays are dedicated to small improvements in the product - Beta Friday 🎉 - that make users' life easier.

A few of them include:

  • 🗺 The possibility to add a physical location to events
  • 📹 The possibility to add a custom link for video conferencing
  • The possibility to schedule All Day events ☀️

This is the end of this issue, see you next month! 👋

(And happy new year!!)

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