Changelog - April 2022

Hera Changelog - April 2022


Issue #6

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We spent the last month reworking existing features to improve their experience and make them more delightful and intuitive.
So what did we do?

🆕 A fresh new UI for the weekly view

Hera users  had a lot of feedback on the weekly view and they were right: lack of contrast between past and upcoming events, event titles cut and hard to read, etc.

We heard that and completely reworked the user interface: new color palette used for events, big rework of the visual aspect of calendar events, and way more space for this weekly view 😅

What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

Did I mention that you can assign a specific color to any event, template or booking link? This way, you can give more or less visual importance to certain events and color code your calendar the right way.

We spend our days in our calendars, and we finally love it!

New weekly view UI

🆕 A better flow to create events

We all create events every day, sometimes multiple times per day. The experience has to be fast and delightful ⚡️

That's why we've:

  • Reworked the panel of creation to be more usable and complete
  • Implemented templates for events you often need to schedule - just drag and drop them to your weekly view!
  • Reworked the Natural Language experience to schedule events really fast
What makes us & users 💜 this feature?

🏋 ️🖌 🆎 Emojis are first class citizens in the new creation flow! just click on the emoji picker and make your choice.

Wanna have a quick look to one of your events? Hera now just opens a modal next to the event, with all the information you need 🤝

Applying a template in the weekly view
Applying a template in the weekly view

New event creation flow on Hera!
New event creation flow on Hera!

Other improvements

👶 We’ve shipped a brand new onboarding flow for new users!
We had a lot of fun building it and hope you'll like it too 💜 Just click here to try it.

📺 When unplugging an external monitor, all Hera notifications you might have will be transferred to your main monitor!

🛖 We now support meeting rooms!

If you have any question/feedback, reach out to [email protected]

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👋 See you next month!